New Book: ‘Informative, entertaining, priceless!’

Ride Along on a Magical Journey

Lynne Echols tells her story in her new book. It’s the adventure of a riding lifetime featuring a Keeper of the Holy Grail of classical dressage, Egon von Neindorff, studying biomechanics, and becoming The Rider’s Seat Doctor. 

If you’ve never attended one of Lynne’s clinics or benefitted from her teaching, this is your chance to absorb some of what makes her instruction so precise, thorough, and compassionate.

“Lynne Echols’ detailed and observant account of her stay at the Reitinstitut von Neindorff in Karlsruhe, Germany, is a rare and privileged view into one of the great classical riding schools.”

—Rose Caslar Belasik, USDF Gold Medalist,
Trainer Pennsylvania Riding Academy, author of Dressage Sabbatical

 Lynne Echols' A Good Seat. Three months at Reitinstitut von Neindorf

It’s impossible to master the horse without self-mastery as a precondition.

— Lynne Echols, A Good Seat

How to Earn Your Own Good Seat

“If not now, when?” asks Lynne Echols’ family, much to her surprise, when she voices her dream of finding truly correct classical dressage training to put right her frustratingly imperfect seat, after many years of trying. Almost as if by magic, Lynne finds herself flying to Germany for a three-month intensive instructional program at the renowned Reitinstitut von Neindorff in Karlsruhe.

—Excerpt from A Good Seat by Lynne Echols

You can earn your Good Seat without investing in European training. To share the wisdom captured in her book, Lynne conducts clinics and lessons across the continental US and can provide a virtual consultation for riders anywhere. Here’s how to work with Lynne and finally earn that Good Seat:

3-Day Clinics

Experience a freer-moving, more flexible body better suited to being a Good Rider.


Local riders benefit from Lynne’s incremental, step-wise approach.

Virtual Consults

Access Lynne’s expert eye by sharing still photographs or 5-minute videos.